Indian forts and Palaces

Indian forts and Palaces are the most stunning treasure of world. One of them is Red Fort Delhi. You will find Red Fort in the city center near Chandni Chowlk. It is very easy to reach just take the nearest metro station to chandni chowlk. Exit through gate 4 and you cannot lose the fort, which is to your left. You can also take the yellow metro line to Chandni Chowk, but then you will have to walk to the market area. Although it is only 10 minutes, you can easily get lost. I would recommend going to Red Fort station instead.

If you decide to arrive with taxi, then It is a 10-15 minute walk along the walkway off the main wall to get from the parking lot to the ticket office and the entrance. You can take an electric tuk-tuk if you don’t want to walk, but it’s a crowd-free ride so that’s not an unpleasant ride.


Red Fort tickets and timing

Delhi’s Red Fort is open most of the days but closes on Monday. The red fort opens at 6 to 9 pm. For foreigners, tickets cost 600 Rupees if purchased in cash or 550 Rupees if purchased in advance. Please note that children under 15 are free of charge. When you get to the front door, Lahore’s door, look for steps that go down, because the kiosks are below the floor level. Unless you are from India or one of your neighboring countries, then you have to find the locker of foreigners. However, it is also in the middle of all the kiosks so you have to push through the crowds waiting in other queues. 

Once you get the ticket, push it back through the crowd and head down the stairs again. Now, you need to walk around the entrance lathes. Again, there are separate queues for foreigners, so look at the left side of the tourniquets. If you want to buy an audio tour or organize a guide for your trip inside the fort, you can do so before going through the incoming tourniquets. There are audio guides available on a desk near the ticket office and there will be offers for guided tours.

About the Red Fort

The Red Fort or Lal Qila was the home of the MOGOLESE emperors for 200 years. A symbol of the strength of the MUGAL Empire, construction began around 1638 and it took 10 years. This impressive red sandstone building was announced a World Heritage Site in 2007. If you are also visiting Agra during your tour in India, then be sure to visit the Red Fort of Agra as well. However, the Red Fort of Delhi is larger, designs to be more imposing and symbolic of the growing success of the empire.

First of all, walk through the incredible entrance arch and you will find yourself in a covered bazaar. I was rather surprised because I did not expect the entrance of the arch to be so long. Actually, it’s a very nice shopping area, so take your time to sail. Prices are regulated by the government, so I don’t haggle, but I found them very reasonable. I spent a lot of time buying scarves while we were in India. They’re so beautiful.

Buildings inside the Red Fort

Once inside the walls, you will find a number of different buildings to explore. In front of you, entering the main fort you can see the Public Hall, a red sandstone building with many pillars. Here, the Mughal emperor gathered and listened to his subjects. The emperor also used this room for public functions. Entering the fort, you will also see Diwan-i-Khas, the Private Audience Hall. This beautifully decorated white marble building was where the emperor would receive the most important visitors such as state guests and courtiers. Within this more private area, you can also see a Hammam and what remains of the royal private apartments.

Between these indoor and outdoor areas, you will find NAUBAT KHANA or the Drum House. Although it is built of red sandstone, the parts are covered with white chalk. This is where the musicians played for the MOGOLESE rulers and their guests. Now, you can see exhibitions of weapons and armory in its War Memorial Museum.

Mandawa Castle (Indian forts and Palaces)

This amazing castle or fortress or hotel is located in the city center of MANDAWA, the Hotel Castle MANDAWA is just 14 km from the train station and 0.7 km from the bus stop. If you are travelling by plane, Jaipur Airport is about 168 km from the hotel. The hotel welcomes you with tilak and garlands. You can choose the type of accommodation you want from 70 well furnished and classified rooms in luxury rooms, standard rooms, royal suites and luxury suites.

This luxurious place was built with the help of Thakur Nawal Singh, the Rajput ruler of MANDAWA in 1755. After the renovation, it is a perfect mix of ancient, real and modern architecture. During your stay at the Castle MANDAWA Hotel, you will also be provided assistance with camel rides, horseback riding, jeep safaris and many other activities. There is an ayurvedic center for rejuvenation and you can enjoy puppet shows and folk dances as well. The hotel also has excellent preparations for themed weddings.

The Castle MANDAWA Hotel is inhabit of the 10th generation of the MANDAWA Royal Family. Built in 1755, the MANDAWA fort protected the shopping center for the ancient caravans that arrived in Rajasthan from China and the Middle East. The fortress is now a heritage hotel and still retains its royal splendor – frescoes, family portraits, antique cannons, weapons and a huge bronze gong that is struck every hour.

Junagarh fort Bikaner

The Junagarh fort is a magnificent structure and the proud of city of Bikaner. The fort was popular as Chintamani and later became as the Junagarh in the 20th century. However, it is a stone fort. The present large structure was inaugurated on 17 February 1589. In addition to having a rich history, the fort of Junagarh is an architectural enterprise. The palaces inside the fortress, gardens, balconies, kiosks, etc. represent a composite architectural style that is represents the cultural differences of different rulers and also foreign inspirations. The stunning Junagarh Fort displays itself the royal glory Indian architectural. The splendid and exquisite facilities of this fort attract thousands of tourist every year from all over.

The architecture of the Junagarh fort is traditionally alliance with Gujarati association of MUGAL. Later, the architecture represents the semi-western influence. The fort represent 16 generations of rulers in Bikaner from the end of the 16th century. Junagadh is an ancient city with a amazing past and has an eclectic mix of mosques, Hindu temples, Buddhist monuments, Gothic arches and beautiful mansions.

Sonar fort Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort is known as one of the last surviving fortresses in the world. This means that there are still a lot of inhabited people, with a quarter of the Jaisalmer population still living within their walls. The UNESCO Forum also nominates it a World Heritage Site in 2013. This is popular as the second oldest in Rajasthan, it has a unique yellow sandstone structure. The reason it is known as Golden Fort or Sonar QUILA is only evident at sunrise and sunset. During this golden hour, the Desert Sun of Thor cast its great rays upon the Fort and lit it up like a great flame in the desert.

Observe the citadel from below the hill on which it stands, you will immediately notice its numerous bastions made of sandstone parapets along its length. Inside Jaisalmer Fort is a small sprawling town with sumptuous mansions and masterfully sculpted Jain temples. It is not serving as a defense fort anymore, but is still a significant cultural and historical part of the city

Jaisalmer Fort I Rajasthan is known as one of the last ‘live Fort’ in the world. You may get there a guide to visit Jaisalmer Fort, about how to get here, what to expect. Like most fortifications, cities, monuments and well, almost everything in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer quickly runs with many names. Jaisalmer Fort, Golden Fort, Sonar QUILA, as it is called, this seductive sandstone is undeniably one of the most beautiful forts in Rajasthan, and perhaps throughout India.

Mehrangarh fort Jodhpur

Maharaja Rao JODHA built the MEHRANGARH Fort in 1460 AD. The fort is one of the strongest in India. One of its gates has signs of cannon attack during the war with Jaipur’s army. The fort has many palaces, courtyards, temples and other structures built through several Rajput rulers. Maharaja Man Singh built seven gates to commemorate the victory over the armies of Jaipur and Bikaner. Jodhpur is one of the largest cities in India and the second largest in Rajasthan. Jodhpur is a historic city with many palaces, temples, forts, etc. There is a different name of the city is Sun City. The name is given because of the bright and sunny weather all year round. Blue City is another title given to Jodhpur as many houses in the city are in blue.

Visiting hours

MEHRANGARH Fort is open to the public from 9am to 5pm. The fort also opens on government holidays. It takes from one to three hours to visit the entire fortress due to the presence of many structures inside.


Tourists must pay an entrance fee to visit the fort. For local tourist the ticket cost is INR. 60, while for foreigners is INR. 400. Also photography and video recording is allowed and tourists have to pay INR. 100 to bring also the camera and INR. 400 per camera. May 12 is celebrates as the Jodhpur Foundation Day and entry to the fort is free this day.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Jodhpur is from October to March as the weather is nice. During the period from April to June, the city’s climate is hot and dry, while during the period from July to September, the climate becomes hot and humid.

City Palace Udaipur (Indian forts and Palaces)

The city palace of Udaipur is an amazing place to visit. It is one of the most beautiful and historic buildings in India. The palace is in the heart of the city of Udaipur. It was the capital of the MEWAR dynasty during the rule of Maharana UDAI Singh II. He built this palace to protect his family and his people from Akbar’s attacks. He considers it the safest place to be the capital of his dynasty. Before Udaipur, the capital of the MEWAR dynasty was Chittorgarh.

The palace of the city of Udaipur has beautiful architecture, as well as is near the PICHOLA lake and the mountains of Aravalli that enhance its beauty and attraction to tourists. It consists of marble and granite stones. There are many numbers of sculptures and structures which consist of works of mirror, marble murals, murals paintings, silver works, etc.

History of Udaipur City Palace

Well, there are many kingdoms in Rajputana i.e. modern Rajasthan known for their courage and sacrifice to the country. They were the saviors of our country in the event of an attack on the eastern side. They were always like a rock when enemies were trying to attack. There were many Rajput kings, but the name of the Sisodia dynasty and the reign of MEWAR is always ahead of everyone else. 

They are always known for their courage, development and never give up attitude. Popular Kings like Maharana PRATAP, Rana Sanga never bow and with external forces of enemies. The names of the rulers of the Kingdom of MEWAR are always considered with great honor and respect.

Amber Fort Jaipur (Indian forts and Palaces)

AMER Fort is also famous in Amber Fort is located 11 km from the city of Jaipur. This fort is the first tourist attraction of the city of Jaipur and is located on top of a hill. The city of AMER was originally built through MEENAS family, but later Raja Man Singh came in power. AMER Fort is located 11 km from Jaipur and its biggest attraction in the city. Every year many tourists including foreigners come to Rajasthan especially to visit this place. The architecture, the beauty and the surroundings of this place are absolutely incredible. This fort really shows the rich culture of our country and especially the state of Rajasthan. If you are going to visit this place, make sure you have the time of 3-4 hours to spend here, otherwise you won’t have much fun.

The most important thing is to try to avoid this place on public holidays otherwise you will find very hurry and it will take 1 hour to enter the fort only. The traffic will also be very hectic during the holidays as the streets are very narrow and less parking space. Rajasthan summer is at its peak always so try to avoid this place even in summer. If you want to know more about AMER Fort which rent a local guide (about 200 INR.) or audio guide (about 150 INR.) directly from the fort. You can also rent a guide in 2 to 3 small groups which is convenient.

City Palace Jaipur (Indian forts and Palaces)

This is a beautiful palace in Rajasthan state in Jaipur. The City Palace is famous for the its large collection of amazing design of the palace. A view of the GOVIND temple that lies is no doubt a great experience for visitors. This palace of pink city welcome’s tourists with the charm of the art gallery. These are clothes, jewelry, weapons, antiques and many other things that represent the lifestyle of Rajput Maharajas.

Explore City Palace

This amazing city palace is worldwide popular. The wonderful history and the touch of art, this palace is a must-visit destination to explore in city. City palace is popular for the royal residence of former rulers. Now, this is a museum which surrounds with tourist most of the times. There is a museum where royal family lives, and also the art galleries that make it enticing place. Things to observe in this palace are Chandra Mahal, MUBARAK Mahal, Pritam Niwas Chowk. Moreover, the view of GOVIND temple glorifies immense faith in god. Here Chariots store is an interesting place where you will find various (Chariots). It is the symbol of the luxury lifestyle of former ruler.

Fatehpur sikri (Indian forts and Palaces)

As the name of this city represent victory, it looks amazing to build a small town.  Actually it was for a saint and memory of his elephant.  Later this town became his capitol as the glory of Emperor Akbar. On the visit to Agra, we spent a day exploring Fatehpur SIKRI. One can take accommodation in Agra and on next day you can visit Fatehpur SIKRI.  It was the first planned town during Mughal period. Fatehpur is made from two words. Fateh means “victory”. The village name was SIKRI here,  that is why it became popular as Fatehpur SIKRI.

BULAND DARWAZA: A Sign of Akbar’s Victory

It is standing as BULAND DARWAZA. We were feeling speechless and happy to see that. As we are on height, the city is clearly visible from the opposite side of BULAND DARWAZA. The reason of constructing this fort was the Akbar’s victory. It was around 1602-3 and is 55 meters long and 36 meters wide. I is build with the help of red sandstone from Rajasthan. It is an awesome demo of Mughal architecture. It also displays the unity of all religions (Indian forts and Palaces)

Agra Fort (Indian forts and Palaces)

Agra Fort is a wonderful and historic monument and a Tourist Attraction of India. It is located just 2.7 km away from the Taj Mahal. This amazing monument is very close to Agra center point. This Fort is popular as the symbol of the Mughal. It is because they ruled almost for about 190 Years. The Fort attracts almost 12 million tourists every Year. The Construction Material for Red Fort is very Unique in the world made with red sand stone.

This Fort is one of India’s most impressive and important forts and palaces, close to the Taj Mahal. They were using it as a military structure. The Agra Fort is made up of 20 meter high walls with a circumference of 2.5 km. Moreover, the Agra Fort was later transforms into a city. It is red sandstone and marble buildings which include homes, halls including a palace, a mosque, and monuments. Akbar has started the construction of the Agra Fort in 1565 from Mughal Dynasty.

The main contributor was the grandson of AKBER and commissioner of the Taj Mahal Shah Jahan. Later they were using further white marble area for creating a palace. The purpose of Agra Fort was to keep out enemies. After that Shah Jahan was in prison there for almost final eight years of his life. (Indian forts and Palaces)

Orccha Fort and Palace

Orchha is a beautiful town in MP that was once the capital of one of the states of Rajput. Once upon a time its rulers built three palaces in that location on the Betwa River. The Fort complex is the main attraction of Orchha, it is on the Betwa River. There are three main buildings within the complex: Raj Mahal, close to the right of the square. There is the Jahangir Mahal, built to commemorate the Emperor Jahangir. The final palace is the Rai Parveen Mahal and the musician whose love story is exceptional.

The fort of Orchha is the city’s heritage center and the narrator of the glorious past. One interesting thing about this place is that Lord Rama is not regarded as God as in other parts of the country. They adore him as a great king. The best time to visit the resort is during the winter season, when the temperature decreases. (Indian forts and Palaces)