Indian Visa

Indian Visa – How to apply

It is a very simple process for Indian visa, just visit ( and click on e-visa, fill your correct detail and choose purpose and duration for visa. Later upload doc like passport copies and white background passport size photo. In the next step pay the fee which is around (80-100 USD). Please remember that once visa fee paid and visa got cancelled because of any reason, no visa fee will be refunded.  So fill all details carefully and check twice. Later just wait for 2 working days and you will get a copy of your visa via mail only. (This process and doc are only for e-visa online), you can also go to Indian consulate and apply manually as well but the best way is to apply online.

Documents for Visa India (manual only)

Yes, for Indian visa need to process a request with certain documents. Although the list varies depending on the type of visa required, the following documents can be considered universal at the time of applying for the visa.

Duly complete and sign application form.

Recent passport size photographs (background and specifications may vary depending on the visa).

Proof of citizenship (passport)

Passport valid for 6 months

Copy of medical status (in case of medical visa)

In the case of minors, a letter from the parent/guardian must be submitted

Photo (passport size with white background)


Steps for Indian Visa

How much is the Indian visa?

The cost of an Indian visa depends on a number of factors, including the visa requirement, the duration of the visa, the country of an applicant, etc. There is a fix consular tariff for each application, which bases on bilateral agreements between India and several governments. This means that citizens from different countries would pay different amounts for a visa application. The fee for processing an application is non-refundable. The citizens of some countries do not pay the tax, depending on diplomatic relations between the two nations.

Duration of obtaining an Indian visa

The time taken to process a visa application depends on a number of factors. The country of origin of an applicant, the purpose of the visit, the financial context, supporting documents, etc. , they all have a role to play in determining the time it takes to process a question. Usually, a tourist application can be process in a few weeks, while it may take longer for other visa applications. People who belong to countries with which India has friendly relations might find their request dealt with faster than those from countries with which India does not have the best relations.

Bilateral agreements and special programs ensure that citizens of some countries obtain visas more quickly than others. Requests from people of Indian origin can take about 2 weeks to process, while a regular tourist visa application one can process in less than a week. In case of emergency, one can request within one day. The Pakistani people could see that their request required between 6 and 8 weeks of treatment