Delhi City Tour

Delhi city tour is one of the most attractive tours of India. Being the capital of India Delhi has much more things to offer to visitors and travelers. We Bella India Tour organize different kind of city tours in Delhi and India as well. Our city tours are created with care and professionalism. Delhi city tour includes many amazing monuments, historical building, and city center, street food testing, exploring wonderful markets and walking through old and modern streets. Usually Delhi city tour starts at 8:30 am and finishes around 6 or 7 in the evening. One can do this tour in all seasons but the best time to explore Delhi is September till April. During rainy season it is bit difficult to walk on the street, however it will be a different experience. Most of the monuments are opened during the week except Lotus temple closed on Monday.

In addition, our tourism expert team advises all visitors to keep 2 days for Delhi city tour because there are wonderful places to explore.  However, one can do this tour in a day but it will be hectic or you need to be in hurry or you need to skip few places. Here we will explain all what one can do in 2 days, so tourists can organize well their days. The monuments and place which you are going to explore in 2 days is Red fort, CHANDNI CHOWLK market, JAMA MASJID, Connaught place, QUTUB MINAR, HUMAYUN tomb, Lotus temple, Raj GHAT, SAROJINI NAGAR market, Delhi University and KAMLA Nagar market, Indian Gate, BANGLA SAHAB, INA market etc. In conclusion, there are many other places to explore, which you can choose after discussion with our tourism expert team. Now let’s explore Delhi city tour 2 days program.


Delhi City Tour DAY 1 Itinerary

Red fort (Stop 1)

Red fort is the first attraction of Delhi city tour explorer. However, most of the people prefer to take only a photo stop from outside because visiting Red fort can take up to 3 to 4 hours. So it is better to take amazing pictures from the ground. This beautiful monument is just in front of CHANDNI CHOWLK Market Street. They have used Red sand stone for making this architecture marvel of Indian history. Shah JAHAN, the king of MUGAL Empire spent a lot of money to build this amazing fort in 1648. Red fort became the part of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE in 2007. There are many historical artifacts, MOTI MASJID, HAYAT BAKSH BAGH, CHATTA CHOWK, MUMTAZ MAHAL, Rang MAHAL, KHAS MAHAL, DIWAN-I-AAM, DIWAN-I-KHAS, HIRA MAHAL, Princes ’quarters, Tea House, NAUBAT KHANA, HAMMAM, BAOLI etc. inside the museum. It is a must see monument in Delhi.


Delhi city tour is incomplete without exploring this wonder market. It is the most popular and amazing market of India. The whole Indian businessman comes here to sell their product. This market is basically for clothes, spices but you can find any ting you wish at a cheap price because it is a wholesale market. If you love Indian spices then it is the only place in Delhi where you can get all kind of spices at a reasonable price.  There are also some amazing street food to taste which is popular in Delhi like ‘’PARATHE WALI GALI, CHOLE BHATURE etc. This market is also popular for wedding shopping and iron smith, gold smith. Actually, this market was established for royal family but later became popular for everyone. There are around 1500 shops which makes it unique.


It is one of the biggest and popular mosques in India. JAMA MASJID has two main parts and many entrances. There are main prayer hall and a large courtyard in the east direction. The Emperor Akbar’s mosque at FATEHPUR SIKRI has inspired the exterior design of this mosque. On the other hand the interior was copied from Agra mosque. It is truly reflects the grandeur of MUGAL architecture. This mosque was one of the greatest mosques in that time even now a days it mean a lot for pilgrimages. They also used red sandstone and white marble to build it which is Indo-Islamic architecture. The main entrances of mosque are four towers, three arched gate, three marble domes and two towering minarets. Entry is free; however, if you are carrying a mobile or camera than, you will have to pay an INR 300 extra.

Raj Ghat ( Stop 4)

It is located not far from the Yamuna River and was initially named after a notable GHAT. This monument to Mahatma Gandhi is located between the ring road and the banks of the Yamuna River. It is also close to Red Fort, and four kilometers from the city center. A dark marble stage denotes the incineration site of Mahatma Gandhi, attracting numerous tourists. His final words, ‘Hey Ram,’ are engraved in marble. The memory was structured by VANU G. BHUTA. He planned it to reflect the ease of life of the Mahatma. It is revealed, with an endless fire constantly consuming to one side. A reconnaissance service is held every Friday in Raj GHAT. There is also a Gandhi Memorial Museum where a film about his life is shown between 9:30 and 17:30. He also appears in Hindi on Sunday at 16:00, and at 17:00, he appears in English.


India Gate (Stop 5)

The Indian gate was built in 1931 as a monument in remembrance of brave soldiers. These 42 meters in high construction are made of sand stone. Here very important and ordinary people from all over the world visit this place to witness the parade every year. This memorial is opposed to the Indian parliament and presidents at home. You can also get here via Delhi Metro, Leaving gate 3 of the central secretarial station on the yellow line; we will get to the procession of the road. A 2 km walk to the Indian gate is always fun. You will see many street vendors along this road throughout the day and at night. The eternal flame in the under the Gate of India burns since 1971 in remembrance of Soldier, who made the sacrificed their life for the Nation. Best time to visit this monument is the evening time.

Parliament house (Stop 6)

The Parliament House of India is one of the most wonderful and beautiful place in New Delhi. Parliament House comprises of a central hall and many government offices. It has RAJYA SABHA, LOK SABHA, and a library hall. Parliament House also has the facilities for the accommodation for the ministers, Chairman and Parliamentary Committees. There is also a beautiful garden which can be visited one a year in November. The Parliament House also has a museum. The Parliament House also consist an amazing courtyard with around 144 columns. A visitor can roam around the parliament house but not allowed to go inside without permission. From the parliament house to India gate distance is around 2 km and one can go there on feet. Nobody can stay there for more than 15 to 20 minutes just for taking pictures.


BANGLA Sahib is the most prominent Sikh GURDWARA( place of learning) is in the heart of New Delhi’s famous Connaught Place in the capital city of India. It is just after the Connaught palace. The GURUDWARA is almost entirely built with white marble which reflect a perfect picture of purity and peace. Please note that before entering inside it we need to remove our shoes. We also need to cover our head with a yellow cloth or handkerchief before entering. There is a place where you can keep your shoes and if you wish you can work there as volunteers to helping people as serving food or cleaning floor or making bread. Guru HARKRISHAN Sahib stayed at the location of BANGLA SAHIB for a few months as a guest of Raja Jai Singh. Originally this place was a magnificent and spacious bungalow of MIRZA Raja Jai Singh.

Connaught Place (Stop 8)

Connaught place is the center of Delhi which is exactly in the middle of the city. It is popular for shopping, a meeting place, shopping hub and so on. Being the center of Delhi city, it is well connects with all transport services like metro, buses, taxis etc. You can spend an evening with your loved one or explore with you family, it will always distress you. You can buy here the most expensive and the cheapest thing at the same place because there are most expensive showrooms and the cheapest PALIKA BAZZAR. There is a big circle having a big park in the middle of it and under the park there is the cheapest market. There are many restaurants, bars, pubs, expensive hotels and temples as well. It is worthy to be there in the evening time while doing Delhi city tour.

Red-fort near chandni-chowlk

Delhi City Tour DAY 2 Program


It was built as the tower of victory and glory. Its erection began in 1199 under the supervision of QUTB-UD-DIN AIBAK. This essay QUTUB MINAR will tell us its story and facts. The entire minaret was concluded through the contemporary rulers of Delhi. The architecture of QUTUB MINAR is just wonderful and beautiful. It is 62 meters high. Architect of QUTUB MINAR was VARAHAMIHIRA, a Hindu origin. It was a back temple as anyone can see it clearly. That’s why the architectural aspect of this minaret has both Indo-Islamic and Afghan styles combined to form a unique design. It has five stories built on different timelines and represents different historical events. The diameter of the base is 14.32 meters, while the upper diameter is 2.75 meters. It is part of the World Heritage and UNESCO World Heritage.

HUMAYUN tomb (Stop 10)

The tomb of HUMAYUN is the tomb made in the Remembrance of the Emperor HUMAYUN. This tomb is in South Delhi. The first wife Empress BEGA commissioned Begum in 1569. She chose the Persian architect. The entire building of the tomb of HUMAYUN was completed in 1572.This tomb is in memory of the great emperor HUMAYUN. There are 150 graves in the tomb of HUMAYUN. MIRAK MIRZA GHIYAS and his son SAYYID MUHAMMED were the architect or it. The tomb of HUMAYUN is the best MUGHAL monument in Delhi with Persian architecture. There is a tomb with the height of 155 feet and a width of 300 feet. There is a beautiful garden that is divided into four portions. The tomb of HUMAYUN was the first garden-tomb in India. This tomb is near the old red fortress.

Lotus temple (Stop 11)

The Lotus Temple in Delhi is just fabulous, because it has a lotus flower shape which have an exquisite design that resembles a lotus flower. It is in south west Delhi. This serves as a large temple of the Indian subcontinent and has become a prominent attraction in the city. It is a significant house of worship. An architect FURIBURZ SABHA designs the Lotus Temple. The architect went to look at the lotus floor because the lotus is the national flower of India, because of its religious significance for Indians. Many of Indian god and goddess have this flower in their hands. Moreover, this temple has the shape of a lotus, because the lotus means peace, purity, love and holiness. The architect chose the lotus symbol also because it is a common symbol in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Islam.

Delhi University and KAMLA Nagar (Stop 12)

Delhi University campus is one of the attractive places in Delhi. Actually, there are many collages all together here, which become the busiest place for students. It is amazing to have a tea from SUDAMA TEA STALL in the evening time. Have a cup in your hand and just start walking and exploring North campus. This market is located near to Delhi university campus colleges, such as HANSRAJ College, Hindu, RAMJAS and KMC. It is one of the most popular and attractive shopping destination for students. Most of the students visit this place for shopping, for massive discount. This market offers a great collection of daily clothing and ladies items. On Bungalow Road, you can find various street vendors, footwear, selling clothes, cosmetics, etc. This market hand painting shop for girls especially during wedding season.

                                                  End of day 2 Delhi City Tour


Other places during Delhi city tour

Janpath Market

JANPATH Delhi Market is known as a fun-frolic market where they look more foreign than Indians. Gujarati and the Tibetan market are the two main roads that come together to represent the entire JANPATH market. You will find both shops here – those that mark your items with fixed price labels and the second where you are free to negotiate. So if you have the ability to negotiate and want to buy things at reasonable prices, go to unregistered stores. That’s not all JANPATH Market has for you. Kashmir things like wool handkerchiefs, PASHMINA shawls, clothing sets, KURTIS hand fabrics you can shop here. However this market is also popular for bronze artifacts, Chinese lamps, wooden desk items and MOJRIS. In addition, it can also dig for ethnic clothes, decorative items, cotton clothing, RAJASTHANI color paintings, Indian artifacts, blue ceramics, leather footwear and carpets.


This beautiful temple is located in East Delhi. AKSHARDHAM Temple is the master piece of Indian architecture. It unfolds the cultural and traditional legacy of millions of years. This is a great tribute to Swami NARAYAN, who is the avatars and as a great sages of Hinduism. The construction of the large structure took almost 5 years. This incredible temple was inaugurated in 2005. The structure is on the banks of the Yamuna River. It attracts millions of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. Actually, the name AKSHARDHAM derived from two words ‘AKSHAR’ which means eternal and ‘DHAM’ means a sacred place. Just enter in the temple and see the beautiful 11 feet high picture of BHAGWAN SWAMINARAYAN.  There is a small fee for entering to this temple.  The best time to visit this temple is evening time because there is nice lightning around the temple.


This amazing master piece is located in the heart of the city of Delhi, making it easily accessible through road and rail metro. The closest metro station to this scientific observatory is Patel CHOWK. Tourists can also take local city buses as well as auto-rickshaws and taxis to get here. It is close to Parliament road in Connaught Place, New Delhi. The entire structure is made of stone and marble where each outline has the meaning of its own. The SAMRAT YANTRA, the Ram YANTRA, the JAYAPRAKASH and the MISHRA YANTRA, are some of the 13 elite instruments that were using to study the movements and behavior of celestial bodies, that is, the sun, the moon and the stars. It has an arm 27 meters high on a slope of 27 degrees. ? Jai PRAKASH was also designed through the great Jai Singh II. 

This arm is responsible for representing the position of the sun and several other astronomical bodies. It consists of a pair of hollow hemispheres.


SAFDARJUNG Tomb is a beautiful monument which is in the city center. It is not much popular as other tourist places but still there is a number of tourists visiting this place. The architecture, heritage and culture represent the beauty of Indian history. The tomb surrounds through an amazing garden. Inside the compound there is a mosque with three domes. Some people come here for pray, some for picnic and some with friend. The purpose may be different but they came and admire the beauty and glorious ancient history. Actually, it is not the part of Delhi city tour but still it is a tourist attraction.


SAROJINI Nagar Market

It’s absolutely a fantastic and cheapest market in Delhi city. This market provides you a mix of brand, thrift and counterfeit accessories and apparels. Al most 80% of the products are for women and girls. Thrift clothes are basically means clothes. These looks almost are brand new. You can get Blazers, Gown, jackets etc. One can find here a top brands stuff at very cheap price. That is why this market became popular for brands clothes at affordable price. Many different kinds of accessories like belts, watches and shoes one can purchase here. Apparels are 80–90 percent clothes are original branded clothes. The main problem with this Market is that it always full in the evening time. One can also purchase things online from local store. Moreover, it is a good place to spend an evening with friends or family. 

INA market

The full name of INA Market of Delhi is Indian National Army Market. It is close to South Delhi which is famous as a food bazaar, shopping and educational and medical. Around this market you can find seafood, meat, spices, vegetables and fruits. One can also get any kind groceries items here. It is always a unique experience to shop here; however, it may be a little bit expensive but still interesting. In fact, some of the items are unique, because so many local tribes come here to sell their product. You can purchase here some rare, though expensive, wine and liquor. In this market is that most of the shopkeepers speak foreign languages like French, Italian, German and Spanish and obviously English. It is one of the most attractive and exclusive markets in Delhi, which offer many events and shows as well.

Question and Answer about Delhi City Tour

1 What you can explore in 2 Days in during Delhi City Tour?

Red Fort, HUMAYUN tomb, QUTUB MINAR, Connaught Place, Indian Gate, JANPATH market, CHANDNI CHOWLK, PALIKA BAZAAR, Raj GHAT, JANTAR MANTAR, President House, SAROJINI Nagar Market, SAKET Mall, JAMA MASJID, Parliament house, KAMLA Nagar, Delhi University, Khan Market, Karol BAGH, Delhi Zoo and SADAR Bazaar. However, still there are many places to explore like South Delhi, North Delhi, some other markets etc.

2 Best time to do Delhi City Tour?

One can visit Delhi all of the year but there are 3 moths which are bit hot and raining as well are May June and July. In August there is still rain but climate is awesome. So plan your trip to Delhi from August till April. Winter is also not very good for sightseeing especially from 20th December till 15 January. But this is the best time to explore Indian other parts like Rajasthan, South India and North east.


3 How much does it cost a Delhi city tour?

Actually, the cost of city tour may be vary because depends which type of car do you prefer. For example- If you need a small car which is good for 2 people (if you have a tourist guide) than it will cost around 4000 to 5000(with English speaking guide)  INR per car. For 4 people there is INNOVA car which is good for this tour will cost you around (with English speaking guide) 6000 to 7000 per car. If you choose no tourist guide then the cost for small car will be 2000 to 2500 and for INNOVA 3000 to 4000. We advise all visitors to do this tour with guide because there is lot of information to know.

4 How many days need to do this tour?

If you have enough time then keep two days for Delhi sightseeing. But if you have less time then we recommend you to skip some places and do this tour in a day on the day of arrival and when you come back to Delhi after a tour of 10 or 12 days then on last a explore a bit more Delhi. Two days are good for Delhi city tour but if you are on educational tour or explorer tour or photography tour then keep some more days in your pocket.

5 Is it worthy to do this tour?

Definitely, it is a perfect tour for all type of visitor because Delhi is the capital and it has amazing and wonderful things to offer. There are lots more to explore like beautiful markets, monuments, street food and Bazaar. So without any single doubt we recommend all visitors to include 2 days in Delhi as per your itinerary.

6 What to wear during this tour?

We recommend all visitors to wear light cloths, comfortable shoes (if possible shoes without lasses), carry a scarf, a mask, napkin and paper soap. It is for summer season from March till September. On the other hand, during winter we advise our visitor to carry jacket and pullover. Try to wear jeans and woolen cloths. During rainy season carry a t-shirt or trouser extra and do not wear shoes. Try to wear slippers.


7 What includes this tour?

If you book this tour with Bella India Tours, then without tour guide for a small car it will cost you around 40 USD (max 3 or 4 people in a car but better to have 3). However, for INNOVA car (5 people max) the cost will be 50 USD. If you want to include a guide on this tour then we need to keep on seat vacant and price for full day tour Guide will be (50 USD) for 8 hours. Now we will explain what is included- Drive with car, fuel charges, 1 water bottle pp, Snacks, Pick up and drop off at the hotel, parking charges, Government taxes. (No monument fee, No meal and no personal expenses)

8 What time tour starts and finishes?

Usually the tour begins at 8:30 am and finishes around 5:00 pm. It will be an 8 hours 80 km (within city) tour which includes sightseeing according to the program. You may start your tour at 9:00 or 10:00 am but please coordinate with us and driver in advance so we can advise you better. You may also choose an evening Delhi city tour which includes some photo stop and sightseeing, which starts at 5:00 pm and finishes at 9:00 pm.