Indian food and cuisine

Indian food and cuisine are wonderful and amazing. If you love aromatic tea, street food, mouth-watering dishes, buttery sweets then you must visit India. It is full of diversity of food and cuisine. Every region of India has a different type of cuisine and culture of food. You may definitely love to experience village cuisine and local delicacy.

Indian Breakfast

Pakora (Indian fries) are crispy fried dolls of spicy chickpea dough served with spicy condiments called chutney. Onion and cauliflower presents finely cut and added to the chickpeas dough and then fried to crispy perfection.

Kachori is a popular breakfast snack in northern India. However, people in southern India love it too. This is consumed surprisingly in Rajasthan and near Jodhpur areas. Most people also like to eat at night as well.

Samosa: Another popular Indian street food is samosa. It contains a small amount of spicy potato or meat filling that is then wrapped in dough and fried until crispy and scaly.

Mumbai Vada Pav: Vadas are fried fritters or flat potato empanadas, and a pava is a simple, old dinner roll. Vada Pav is essentially a spicy vegetarian version of sliders where the dumpling or patty is sandwiches between two halves of a dinner roll. Often, seasonings are added to the mixture (often a green mint and coriander chutney).

Chole Bhature is also an amazing Indian street food that people love to eat early in the morning. There are many popular places to enjoy in Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur.  


Indian bread (Indian food and cuisine)

Roti is popular on Indian restaurant menus, but Roti is a staple in Indian houses. Roti is an Indian bread without flaunting, usually made with whole wheat flour that is required in soft dough, then wrapped in thin circles and cooked in a tava (Indian skillet) on the stove.

The breads in India are mainly flat breads. It is the way they are cooked or the type of flour that is used to make them that determines what they are called.

Naan is one world-wide famous as Indian breads. To make a naan, the wheat flour dough is prepared by allowing it to rise with yeast, or by adding yogurt to the dough. This dough is rolled into bread and cooked in an Indian oven called Tandoor.

Poori is a flat circle of dough that is fried in ghee or oil until they break off and become a little crispy on the outside. Usually served with aloo ki sazi (potato chips), this is a beloved comfort food in northern India.

Paratha is flat bread that is in layers and deep fried pan. They are made with wheat flour, and ghee or oil is dyed between the dough layers while rolling them. But there are many ways you can make a paratha, especially paratha filler. Paratha filling is when the filling is filled into a ball of dough and then rolled into flat bread.

Indian vegetarian meal

Tikka Masala: Tikka is the Hindi term for “small pieces”, and masala means a mixture of spices. So when little pieces of anything, like chicken, are cooked in a sauce with a special spice mixture, it’s called Tikka Masala chicken. Likewise, when paneer comes to the game, he is called Paneer Tikka Masala. The world famous sauce used in Masala Tikka is mainly tomato based, with some added richness for cream or thick yogurt.

Chana or Chole is famous all over India and consumed with poori. It is cooked with onion, ginger and garlic-based sauce with garm. This is a popular curry from northern India, it’s spicy and has a punch. It is typically served with soft, scaly bread called Bhature, or with roast bread, leafy called Kulcha.

Dal Makhni: 2-3 varieties of lentils/ cooked beans with spices and cream or butter added to the richness. Makhni refers to the use of Khan, or cream.

Biryani: is Indian rice dish from Hyderabad , it prepared with several layers of rice and layers of chicken or vegetables, some kind of seasoned meat or protein and some added wealth by ghee or yogurt and, then slowly cooked to perfection. This is one of the dishes

Saag is simply green vegetables. This dish refers to a curry of spinach leaves is cooked with spices. Most of the people they cook it with paneer (Indian cheese). In some Indian restaurants you can also find this dish under the name of Palak Paneer, where Palak is a Hindi name for spinach.

Indian non vegetarian meal

Mutton Roganjosh Vindaloo: When the Portuguese arrived in India and established their colony in Goa, they also brought their kitchen. And when that Portuguese food married Indian flavors, many beautiful things happened. Vindaloo is very Spicy, tangy and tasty; it is traditionally made with pork, marinated in wine vinegar and garlic.

Josh Rogan: This dish comes from the beautiful state of northern India, Kashmir. It began from Persian cuisine, which is traditionally made with lamb or goat. Rogan Josh consists of pieces of lamb or roasted lamb with a sauce flavored with garlic, ginger and aromatic spices (cloves, bay leaves, cardamom and cinnamon) and some versions contain onion or yogurt.

Indian drinks (Indian food and cuisine)

Tea: The Indian name for tea is Tei. You make tea by cooking a certain amount of water for milk, then add sugar as a sweetener and black tea together. And yes, when you order a “Tea Tea Latte” from Starbucks, ask for a “Tea Tea Latte.”

Masala Chai: This is when you add some kind of spice (masala) to the previous mixture, and this is what Masala Chai does. A typical chai masala has a mixture of cardamom, cinnamon, pepper and ginger cooked in chai.

Lassi: A sweet yogurt drink traditionally made from slimming yogurt with milk or water. It can be sweeten or salty. Cream is added to the drink also to make it richer. We can make Lassi in different flavors, just simply adding various fruits, additional aromas, etc. For example, the Lassi mango is made with the mixture of mango and yogurt, while the Lassi strawberry contains fresh strawberries, etc.

Lassi: A salty whey drink that only has a kick for him (because most Indian dishes have a kick for him!). This drink is generally enjoyed after a meal, as the use of cumin, mint and rock salt helps a good digestion.