Terms and conditions BIT

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PAYMENT and booking, you can book a tour @Bella India Tours agency office or online or by bank transfer, on our website. A deposit of 100-200 Euros per person per tour is required at the time of booking. This deposit is non-refundable. Deposits will be the part of the final payment, which is due 45 days prior to departure, unless otherwise mentioned in the program. If we do not receive the final payment according to the specific date, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation. In case of billing errors, we have the right to recalculate with the correct prices. The form of payment is usually in Euros or US dollars.

Credit cards

We accept Visa, American Express, Master card. We will process credit card charges only by submitting them on the Bella India Tours credit card authorization form.

Amendment fee

You have to pay a $30 transaction fee for changes or revisions. Any change in the date of the tour or tourist program within 30 days before departure will be treated as a cancellation. However, it depends on whether it is possible to change the date after having consulted all aspects. There may be cancellation charges for the regular booking will apply. (Depends on the current situation)


Package price and Content

As per rule and regulations, the package price may include: Hotel, transport services, catering services, and all travel arrangements. (Must check inclusion and exclusion) If it is mention in the tour program, as well as costs of professional services and local guides. The package price does not include (Unless mentioned), so please read carefully inclusion par and exclusions as well.

Optional excursions and visits,

Guest will bear the cost of obtaining and issuing visas through Indian government website. There may be any tickets for facilities for monuments and for all special services during booking or stay, guest need to pay. If you ask for a special service during the tour, you will need to pay the guide or to our representative directly.

Member of this excursion

In order to ensure pleasant membership, Bella India Tours Agency reserves the right to accept or reject anyone.

Travel documents

Bella India Tours will avail all travel documents at least a week before departure, unless otherwise stated in the program. If you do not receive your travel documents before departure, we ensure that you receive your arrival port or airport at your destination.

The travel document shall contain:

Original voucher, tourist program and e-ticket and other documents

Categorization and description of services

The Bella India Tours agency’s program indicate accommodation, transportation and guide services according to the official categories of each country at the time of the programme briefing. Later we are not responsible for these decisions, such as modern amenities, facilities, as well as other services in the hotel. Levels of accommodation and service may differ and are not comparable to those in other countries. Hermosa India Tour offers details of hotels as mentioned on its website. However, we check the time to measure the time of your services and then recommend them.

We will share the details of the hotel, transport and other services for our guest before confirming the tour.  So you can check them first. Then if there is any incompatibility in the services of the Bella India Tours Hotel you cannot assume any responsibility. However, in any case, we will coordinate with the hotel and try to solve the problem. Therefore, we ask you to check all hotels review before proceeding to booking a trip.

Meals in Tours and cancellations

Meals are only included if specified in each itinerary. These are based on the hotel menu or on the restaurant buffet or menu (depending on the hotel for the hotel). Drinks are not included unless mentioned.

Cancellation policy

If we only receive a written cancellation notice before or on the days indicated, we will refund the following tourist package amounts

Important terms (Terms and conditions BIT)

46 days or more prior to date of service: full refund

45-31 days prior: 50% of total tour package cost

30-15 days prior: 10% of total tour package cost

14-0 day(s) prior: 0% of total tour package cost

All reservations are subject to availability. If this trip is unacceptable, we will refund all the money paid to us; there is no additional liability. We cannot accept responsibility for any additional fees or charges related to the issue and/or cancellation of airline tickets or other travel arrangements not made through the Bella India Tours Agency. Cancellation rates also apply if you cancel due to changes in your last-minute departure date, weather problems, fear of traveling, changes in accommodation, or any other cause are beyond our control. However, if you find a replacement, we’ll make you pay the difference.

National or international ticket

We may book the National or International Air Ticket, but we cannot take responsibility if any air ticket you book through your person agent. In such conditions, you must talk to your airlines. If here comes any price difference between old and new airline tickets that must be paid through the customer. For more details, please see the airline’s terms and conditions. However, if we book a flight for you, we will surely help you coordinate with the airline. If there is a refund, then we will refund this amount.

Travel insurance (Terms and conditions BIT)

For your safety and protection, we recommend that you purchase travel cancellation insurance and any travel accident insurance. (We do not offer any insurance)

Cancellation of Bella India Tours or change of program

Bella India Tours Agency reserves the right to cancel the tour at least three days before the tour start date for insufficient participation or extraordinary circumstances occur as natural or similar disaster. If Bella India Tours Agency cancels your trip, you will receive a full refund.

Bella India Tours also reserves the right to change the date or time of departure due to a change in flight schedule or unforeseen circumstances and retains the right to change the itinerary in the event of a change in travel conditions, Safety conditions in our country, such as a flight schedule changed, weather conditions. However, try to discuss with the host before making any changes.

Baggage terms and conditions

Luggage transport through air is free of charge; the weight limit can be viewed on the airline’s website. The customer must pay for excess baggage according to the current airline prices. Regardless of age, children are not entitled to free air transport of luggage. You are solely responsible for any type of theft, damage or loss of items left in the bus or car.

Our Responsibility (Terms and conditions BIT)

Bella India Tours acts only as a provider of package travel services, hotel, apartment, other accommodation, guides, bus, car rental company, cruise line, or other service provider called in your itinerary. Our agency is not responsible for any request that is not mentioned in the program. Bella India Tours Agency assumes no liability and will not be liable for any refund for any personal damage, property damage or other loss, accident, delay, incident or irregularity that may cause: (1) any default, willful or negligent act, or (2) any defect or failure of any vehicle, craft, equipment or instrumentation or otherwise Suppliers, or (3) any intentional or negligent act. However, we will help you in any undesirable situation to resolve the problem.

Important Terms and conditions

Bella India Tours Agency has no particular knowledge of conditions such as, health risks, climatic or extreme climate risks in places where you can travel. For latest information about destinations, Bella India Tours advises that all passengers should check the Indian government websites. Bella India Tours will never be responsible for any undesirable change in the country. It can be as a political problem, natural disaster, terrorist incident attack. It may be anything that is outside of our detail schedule sent to you prior to arrival at your destination.

For medical information, it is recommended to contact disease control centers in India. The user assumes full and complete responsibility for the verification and verification of all passports, visas, vaccination, or other entry requirements at destination(s), and all conditions related to health, civil unrest, safety, political stability, to that end. However, we always try to help you and try to inform you about the destination situation.

Our Responsibility (Terms and conditions BIT)

The construction, validity and execution of these Terms and any dispute between the parties will come under accordance with the laws of New Delhi. It must be without giving effect to their principles of conflict of laws and any federal law applicable in them. Both parties are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Delhi courts. For any legal proceedings relating to these Terms they are liable to present there.

NOTE: Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.