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Information about Mumbai city, Mumbai is the entrepreneurial capital of India and is also one of the largest cities in the country. The current population of Mumbai is estimated in millions and continues to increase. Not many know however, how the population grew or how the city got its status as India’s commercial capital. The vision of the history of this glorious city is the answer to its inspiring principles and eminence around the world. Mumbai is a modern city whose history will amaze you with its culture and tradition. Although many may not know the story of the birth of this beautiful city, Mumbaikars are in love with their rich past and legacy. The name Mumbai is an EPINYM, derived from the name of a local goddess named MUMBADEVI.

The history of Mumbai formation started from the seven islands, Bombay, Mazagaon, Mahim, PAREL, COLABA, WORLI and Old Woman’s Island. This group of islands formed In fact to a part of the reign of Ahsoka, famed Buddhist emperor of India. The city went through an enormous reconstruction and also experienced a surge in the economy during the American Civil War. In addition to reconstruction and ownership, Mumbai also witnessed mass massacres during World War II and Hindu-Muslim unrest.  But now one day everything has changed and people live with peace and love. It’s an amazing city if you like to explore the local culture and food.


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Local Dishes

Mumbai offers a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods that the local population cannot do without. The dishes that are unique to this city are vegetable pulao, masala BHAAT, moong dal KHICHDI, DALIMBYA, AMTI, VANGACHAYE KAAP, bombil batata bhaji, KAMAG KAHRI, Mumbai tawa pulao and so on . Mumbai dried duck curry, ANDA BHURJI, kebabs, chicken tikka, butter chicken, frying BHEJA. Moreover, KEEMA Pav are also some of the amazing non-vegetarian dishes for all meat lovers.


Mumbai is a coastal city with a long history of fish trade, as the natives of the city were ‘KOLIES’ or fishermen. For this reason, seafood is an essential culinary must-have that constitutes an important part of Mumbai cuisine. There are many seafood restaurants in Mumbai that serve a variety of delicious seafood dishes. You can savor amazing fish appetizers, grilled fish dishes, grilled fish dishes, fish pickles. However, there are more in the city of dreams. In addition, some of the main seafood items offered in Mumbai include KOLIWADA fish, CHANAK fried fish, Bangda TUF, TIKKI shrimp, Hali fish, SUMRAI CURRY fish, and fry.

Mumbai Sweets.

Some of the delicious sweet dishes served in Mumbai include PURAN POLI, MODAK, SHEERA, Gulab jamuns, LADDU Kulfi dried fruits, AAMRAS and CHIROTA. Mumbai popular desserts is ‘SHRIKHAND’, which is a sweetened yogurt with nuts and saffron. Mumbai is a wonderful and culturally diverse city. The city promises some heavenly street foods including a wide range of appetizers, seafood dishes. There are also CHAATS, traditional Maharashtrian and Konkani dishes and desserts! Visit Mumbai and prepare for an extraordinary culinary journey.

Street food

Every corner of Mumbai is home to numerous food stalls and restaurants offering hot, spicy, crispy and fresh CHAATS, one of the locals’ favorites. However, it is tasty crispy, appetizers comprising ingredients like CHAAT masala, yogurt, onions, cilantro. Moreover, SEV (crispy cookies), mango powder, peppers, potatoes and much more. Street vendors move from one road to another, even selling CHAATS to people trapped in their vehicles during peak traffic hours.