Mumbai City Tour

Mumbai city tour is one the most exciting tour of India. During this tour you will explore luxury, poverty, struggling life and a busy city which never sleep. This is a city where BOLLYWOOD is the main attraction which amazes the whole world. Mumbai city tour has a mix of many things which you will never forget. Most of the people came here penny less, but here they became one of the popular and richest being. Mumbai open its heart for everyone who wishes to achieve something in this life. Being on the Mumbai city tour you will explore Gateway of India, COLABA Market, ELEPHANTA Caves, and MANI BHAWAN on Day 1. On the day 2 you will visit C S Terminus, Dhobi GHAT, Marine Drive, CRADFORD Market, Hanging Garden and PINJARPOLE. There are few other places to explore but for them you need more days.

In addition, BOLLYWOOD tour and DHARAVI slum tour is also popular which we will mention in the end of our Blog as it is important as Mumbai city tour. We advise all our visitors to consult with our experts to understand better these tours and choose according to your days of availability and interest. However, there are some basics which one need to follow before proceeding for any tour of Mumbai because timing is very important in Mumbai city. There is too much traffic during the day so; you may need to start a tour early or late according to the working days or holidays. For Mumbai city tour we have a tourism expert team which is always available via WHATS-app or call. In conclusion, this tour is the most popular tour of India as Delhi city tour.


Day 1 Mumbai City Tour

Gateway of India (Stop 1)

Gateway of India is the iconic landmark of India and Mumbai. It is the main tourist attractions of Mumbai. The monument marks India’s most popular ports. The beautiful structure was inaugurated in December 1924. It took four years to complete and situated at Apollo BUNDER. This is the place from which you can get a boat to ELEPHANTA caves .Gateway of India is at Mumbai harbor in COLABA zone. It is the best place for tourists, locals. Everywhere you will see balloon sellers, tea hawkers, photographers, KULFI vendors and food stalls. It was built to welcome the King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai. George WITTET the British architect who designed that. We can understand easily from its name ‘’Gateway of India’’ Mean entrance point to India.

In addition, there are a huge number of tourists come here on daily bases. It is very rare that there is no tourist. There are some most expensive clothing show rooms in this area and it is just opposite of The TAJ Palace Hotel Mumbai. However, we advise all visitors to accommodate in this area because the ambience here is just awesome. A hotel may be a bit expensive here but it worthy to be here for 2 or 3 days on your trip as this area is close to all major tourist attractions.

ELEPHANTA Caves (Stop 2)

This place is simply amazing because you can get there through a ferry that you can take only from ‘Gate way of India’. ELEPHANTA Caves are a group of temples excavated in the rock in order to reveal five temples for Lord Shiva that one can explore there, along with other deities such as GANESHA Vishnu, Surya, RAVANA and DURGA. Actually, these beautiful ELEPHANTA caves are the part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It is also an important tourist spot during Mumbai city tour. This cave is also the witness of a group of inscriptions written in BRAHMI script. People can also take a boat ride in the backwaters of Mumbai near the island.

Moreover, there is also a museum on this site that houses the famous ELEPHANTA sculptures and artifacts. In addition, the sculptures depict Lord Shiva as MAHAYOGI, dancing Lord NATARAJA and as GANGADHARA. These sculptures are life-size, realistic figures carved into a piece of rock. Please remember that there are almost 200 stairs to reach up to the cave. So if you are not physically fit then avoid going up to Caves.

COLABA Market (Stop 3)

This market is located near the gateway to India’. COLABA is a commercial street and a large sidewalk market. It is officially marked as BHAGAT Singh market. There is a terrestrial connection between COLABA and Old Woman Island in the city of Mumbai, India. It is close to all of Mumbai’s famous areas and attractions such as the Fort Area, CUFFE Parade, India’s Gateway and the TAJ MAHAL Palace and Tower. This market is a diverse and dynamic area of the city, which is full of bustling restaurants, ladies garments, handicraft and street food, colorful art galleries, restaurants and historic monuments. Causeway COLABA Market meets all styles, budget and flavor. 

The market stretches from a collection of scattered tents to a seemingly endless sidewalk of tempting things. As soon as you enter the COLABA Causeway, you will be welcomed with plenty of bags, charming household items, T-shirts with funny nicknames and slogans, exotic shawls, clothes and accessories.


Mani BHAWAN (Stop 4)

Mani BHAVAN is a simple and beautiful house looking building on Laburnum Road. Every time Gandhi JI traveled to Mumbai, he used to stay here. Now it becomes a museum and research center. Mumbai and its inhabitants have played a very prominent role in India’s unique struggle for freedom. Gandhi JI was justly proud of his patriotic and cosmopolitan citizens. This museum is one of the few important places which is in association of Mahatma Gandhi. Mani BHAVAN is in a very quiet locality of Mumbai. It has an amazing library too, where you can spend some time to get information about it. This is a humble attempt to give the reader some glimpses of the great drama staged in this little corner of Mumbai.

Moreover, visitors from all over the world come to Mani BHAVAN, to see the Hall that Gandhi ji. Mani BHAVAN is the only place besides the Ashram Sabarmati, where he dressed with all these dresses in her sequence.

                                                           Day 1 Ends here

Day 2 Mumbai City Tour

C S Terminus (Stop 1)

This local train station is very old and one of the busiest railway stations in Mumbai and all over the country, CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI Terminus is an integral part of Mumbai city and the best place to click some amazing picture during night tour. This wonder terminus building is the part of UNESCO world heritage site. Moreover, it has a majestic architecture which consists of Gothic and India styles. During office hour this station is very busy which promises a unique experience to all travelers. In short, it is a place not to miss if you are on a Mumbai city tour.

Prince of Wales Museum (Stop 2)

This museum is one of the best museums of India with an impressive architecture. It has a rich and rare collection which represents the history of India. Prince of Wales Museum does not disappoint its visitors as it has many amazing artifacts. It was built in 20th century. This beautiful museum contains three separate sections Natural history section, Archaeology section, and Art section. In addition, the museum holds rare collections, dates back to the Indus valley civilization. It has also the remnants of MAURYAN and Gupta era Kingdoms as 2000 miniature paintings, wood art works, ivory and metals etc. Every year this museum becomes the witness of many exhibitions and seminars.

Dhobi GHAT (open laundry) (Stop 3)

Dhobi GHAT of MAHALAXMI is the world’s largest open-air laundry which is located in the middle of Mumbai. At this wonderful and colorful place hundreds of men and women (washers-dhobis) work on their shifts throughout the day. In the evening time or early morning workers bring dirty clothes and they take them back after become fresh and spotless. The whole process is run through a coding system that helps the easily. In addition, an association of 50 washers set up this laundry in 1890. There are around 600 washer families survive on this work. Nowadays they are using modern technology and having washing and drying machines. But still most of them   for the old culture as work manually. It is still maintaining the old charm and washing methods of Indian culture.


Marine Drive (Beach road) (Stop 4)

The first name MARINE DRIVE that appears when talking about places to visit in Mumbai is the Marine Drive. It is situated in southern Mumbai, on the shores of the Arabian Sea. This place is 4 km Long Avenue that joins NARIMAN Point to Malabar hills. The view of the sunset from here attracts hordes of visitors every day. Popular for night and morning walks, this trail is also known as the Queen’s Necklace, due to its inverted C shape. Marine Drive is a C-shaped road, which is a place to visit when in Mumbai. The palm trees lined up on the side make the road even more attractive.

Moreover, its beauty is enhanced at night, when it lights up large stretch of street lights, giving it a necklace look. The view is especially impressive when seen from a high point. Because of this, it is often known as the Queen’s Necklace. Most of the students and families come here in the evening and they remain here till midnight. But you may see people walking around whole night.

Crawford Market (Stop 5)

Crawford Market is the largest market in South Mumbai. Of gifts for food and pet toys, the market has it all. And it is the best place to visit in Mumbai for shopping. During British rule, it was a source for buying fresh produce daily. This market is famous for good deals on household goods, fruits and vegetables. Crawford Market is known for its impressive architecture as well. In addition, it has a mixture of Norman and Flemish architectural styles, and is decorated with paintings and murals. The clock tower is adorned with sculptures that resemble the Victorian style. However, in some parts of the building, you’ll also find glimpses of the Gothic architectural style.

Hanging Garden (Stop 6)

The main reason to visit Hanging Garden Mumbai is the panoramic view of South Mumbai. There is a viewing gallery that offers stunning views of CHOWPATTY, Marine Drive and Mumbai HARBOUR. Hanging Garden Mumbai and KAMLA Nehru Park are two gardens on top of Malabar Hill in southern Mumbai. These two gardens are on the opposite side of the road. There is a three-story gallery adjacent KAMLA Nehru Park. The Viewing Gallery has a wonderful view of South Mumbai and “Queen’s Necklace”.

train-arriving at station

HAJI Ali (Stop 7)

It is a mosque built on rock. This is just a few hundred meters from the MAHALAKSHMI temple. There is a small long way which leads visitors to the mosque. However the way is narrow, pedestrian footbridge. It was built in 1431, in Indo-Islamic style. They used white marble to construct courtyard of the complex. It was decorated with various patterns of colorful mirrors and Arabic inscriptions. You’ll also notice verses from the Qur’an on the ceilings and walls.

The minaret is 85 feet high and from there they calls AZAN in five hours of the day. It is also in the center of Mumbai, within the Arabian Sea; PIR HAJI Ali Shah BUKHARI built HAJI ALI DARGAH in 1431. In addition to being a mosque is also a tomb as the body of PIR HAJI ALI SHAH BUKHARI was also kept here. As it is in the water, it can be reached through a walkway of less than 500 meters.

                                                               Day 2 Ends here

Tour other then Mumbai city tour

1 DHARAVI Slum with BOLLYWOOD tour

Mumbai’s DHARAVI district is having the largest slum in Asia. There are nearly one million people living here. DHARAVI (a small kind of village) is the heart of small industry in Mumbai. Experience a wide range of activities including recycling embroidery, soap, ceramics, making and leather tanning. These people are very innovative and hard working. Passing through residential spaces, you will feel the sense of community and spirit that exists in the area. People from all over India live in DHARAVI, and this diversity is evident in the temples, mosques and churches. In addition, a walk through the narrow alleys of DHARAVI is a great adventure, and you will leave with an enlightened sense of purpose and determination that exists in the area. After DHARAVI slums tour, see the glamorous side of Mumbai as you pass by the famous BOLLYWOOD movie industry’s star houses.

Enjoy an afternoon BOLLYWOOD excursion, after lunch at a local restaurant, then takes a look behind the scenes of BOLLYWOOD cinema. You will visit a film stage to witness the filming and receive an exciting insight into the mechanics of the world’s largest film industry. However, you will visit a studio specially created for an intimate look behind the scenes of technicians at work. One may even have the opportunity to spy inside a movie star’s make-up room, and pose for souvenir photos with some BOLLYWOOD stars today. He then goes on to a dance show based on infamous BOLLYWOOD movie routines. Moreover, the talented dancers will perform 5 BOLLYWOOD routines for the audience, and then you will have the opportunity to try it out for yourself.

Highlights of Tour

Exploration of small industries in DHARAVI district

Drive past through BOLLYWOOD stars homes

Explore the site of SLUMDOG Millionaire 

Watch behind the scenes activities of film making

Visit post production dubbing studio

Live BOLLYWOOD dance show (few minutes)


Pick-up and drop-off service


Guide fees

Lunch and refreshments


Personal expenses

Additional Information:

Please contact us for latest updates and guide line



The KANHERI Caves are a collection of 109 Buddhist caves. People says the cave  was a Buddhist monastery many years ago. The oldest caves are from the 1st century BC, while the most recent are from the 11th century AD. Stone paintings and sculptures adorn the walls of the caves. Buddha statues in various positions and sizes are in the caves. And you will also find numerous inscriptions in BRAHMI and DEVANAGARI, and some epigraphs in Pahlavi, on the walls.

In short, these caves served as a place for worship, study, and meditation. Cave 3 is the largest among the KANHERI caves, and the most notable. This serene cave complex is near to a hillside, and it takes a long walk through lush green bushes and rocks to get here. In addition, this site has numerous small streams and waterfalls as well. And it also offers a view of the city of Mumbai.

2 Pinjrapole (cow feeding)

If you love animal and want to know why Indian love caws. PINHRAPOLE is the best place if you are in Mumbai then try to explore BHULESHWAR bazaar which is the Bombay PANJRAPOLE. It is a 176-year-old infirmary that looks after more than 400 cows and other stray animals like donkeys, goats, ducks, parrots and hens. Shelter spreads across two acres within the market. The only sounds you hear there are those of fluttering pigeons or cows mooing in the sheds.

Moreover, two businessmen, JAMSETJEE JEEJEEBHOY and AMICHAND Shah founded PANJRAPOLE in 1834. Initially they were looking after only stray pigs and dogs. There was another PARSI philanthropist COWASJEE Patel who helped them. Currently PARSI trust is taking care of it which is include branches in KALYAN, CHEMBUR, BHIWANDI and BHILAD in Gujarat. PANJRAPOLE aim is to nurture and care for animals in distress and protect these strays. “We are here to look after sick animals, not to kill them. In conclusion, to us, they are like orphan kids, we provide for them till they die,” The trust says.

Helpful information about Mumbai City Tour

Best time to do Mumbai city tour

The winter season is known as the best season to visit Mumbai, which is in the month of October to February. Mumbai receives heavy rains during the monsoon season, which makes it the city of a lush green forest with beauty throughout the city. If you are a lover of rain, then you can also visit the city in the monsoon season, which will allow you to witness some beautiful waterfalls around the mountainous areas of the city.


Inclusions of Mumbai city tour?

No, meals are not the part of this tourist package of the city of Mumbai. All tourists need to manage on their own. As it is a day trip that includes a lot of excursions on a continuous basis so we do not add meal, so that tourists can have their food as per their choice and preference of time they want to have and when. In addition, the guide will help you explain the facts of places and other details. Yes, an expert tour guide, we can add per you request on Mumbai City Tour (on request only) that can really guide you very well throughout the tour with your knowledge and experience.

At what time the Mumbai city tour starts?

Usually Mumbai tour starts @ 8:00 am and finishes at 17:00 pm. 

What are Mumbai city tour tourist’s attractions?

Gateway of India, Mumbai University, ISKCON Temple, Mani BHAWAN, Hanging Garden, Big Ben of India, , Dhobi GHAT, Victoria Terminal Station, Kamala Nehru Park, ANTILLA, Bombay High Court, Marine Drive, Municipal Council Building, Oval Cricket Ground and The TAJ MAHAL Palace Hotel.

What is the best transport for Mumbai city tour?

The best transport is for 2 to 3 people (Medium car like swift desire) and 4 to 5 people (INNOVA CAR). Moreover, if you are thinking about how you will travel among the tourist attractions of Mumbai, then we have included a perfect rental car in this package for you, which will take you through the city of Mumbai. This car rental will offer you 80 Kilometers of a city tour and will help you drive between the entire tour with an expert professional driver.


Is it possible to visit Mumbai in a day trip?

Yes, you can make a day trip to Mumbai easily. In the day all places of interest are usually open to visitors. Moreover, tourists can easily enjoy the beautiful sightseeing tour of Mumbai City in a single day with our fast car rental and driver service. In short, a day trip is more than enough to witness the basic attraction of the city and will also be useful to capture some beautiful images in the day.

Is Mumbai sightseeing tour safe?

In conclusion, Mumbai is absolutely safe for all kind of travelers. However, just need to be careful in traffic.