Bollywood, The name comes from Bombay (now Mumbai), India. It is the film industry of Mumbai (the Hindi film industry of India). The name “Bollywood” was coined in 1970. It is the largest film industry in India and the world in terms of films each year. The term Bollywood originates when the Indian film industry surpasses the Hollywood film industry. If you’ve heard of Bharatanatyam, it’s an Indian ballet.

In 1896, the brothers of Auguste and Louis Lumiere arrived in Bombay to introduce cinematography. Later, Mumbai became the center of the film industry. In 1913, DADASAHAB PHALKE, father of Indian cinema, made the first feature film, “Raja Harishchandra”. The first Indian film with a soundtrack was “ALAM Ara”, which was released in 1931. Since 2000, dance and cinema have greater international recognition thanks to the growth of the NRI and Indian communities abroad. In addition, popularity continues to grow along with talent.

Role of music in cinema

The first audio film in India was “ALAM Ara”. It had seven incredible songs. Moreover, a film from 1932 “Indra Sabha” had 69 beautiful songs. Bollywood films are not just history. Music is the heart of Indian films. Letters and choreography are carefully synchronizes this industry. The songs gives it a different look than international films. Film music influences the music business and dance culture.


Popular dance style

India has more than 500 years of dance history. Its style is a hybrid in its original form. In addition, The first dances in the movies were classical dance forms of Bharatanatyam, Kathak and folk dances from different parts of India. Since 1980 the Bollywood dance style influences the Western dance styles as well. The dance style incorporates the movements of the head, neck and body, pose and footwork. There are about 108 attitudes. Moreover, the poses along with the full body movements give the full meaning to the dance style.

Dance is the name gives to the form of dance uses in Indian films (Hindi). The most energetic and colorful forms of Indian dance are Bhangra and GARBA (born in the state of Gujarat, India). However, they merges with other forms of dance from around the world, and now it is the famous dance. The dance style is a fusion of various dance styles. In conclusion, it includes Bhangra, Jazz, Hip-hop, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Western dance, Arabic to name a few. Moreover, here Classical Indian dance incorporates the two basic elements of dance and expression.

Moreover, the current style of dance has elements of classical Indian dance, and many other forms of dance. The dance includes multiple formations, natural or architecturally large settings, a large number of background dancers and colorful costumes. However, sometimes part of the story of the film is told in dance. Hip-hop dance has recently gained a lot of attention. In fact, the story of the film focuses on vibrant music and dance. Indian dance is performed in colorful costumes with accessories. In conclusion, classical Indian dance incorporates facial expressions, hand gestures (using poses), postures and body movements. This brings history to life.

Famous dance and dancers of Bollywood

Bhangra is a very energetic dance that originated in the Punjab. This consists of the vibrant facial expression, raised arms, and high leaps that are danced to the rhythm of a DHOL aka an Indian drum. Moreover, the peasants did Bhangra during the harvest, which made their work pleasant. Everyone is happy in trying a free Bhangra class?

Helen is a famous dancer of her time. Her extraordinary energetic movements in the song “PIYA Tu Ab TOH Aja” won laurels. GOVINDA represents firstly the Free Style Dance in BOLLYWOOD. His style is unique as compares to other dancers. MITHUN Chakraborty  presents the famous Disco Dance Style. Madhu BALA, Madhuri Dixit, Sri Devi, Katrina Kaif, SHRADDHA Kapoor, to name a few, are the best dancers. HRITIK Roshan is considered the best dancer for his brilliant dance moves.

Famous choreographers

In addition, PRABHU Deva is a film director an actor, dancer and choreographer. He has creates and executes a variety of dance styles. Farah Khan is a choreographer and director who choreographs over hundreds of Hindi songs. Terrence Lewis, dancer and choreographer, specializing in contemporary style. Moreover, Remo D’Souza, a choreographer and dancer contributes, Bengali and South Indian Film Industries. They’re all judges from various dance reality shows, looking for talent.