Indian nature and wildlife

Indian nature and wildlife offers deserts, mountains, tropical forests, rivers, plains, amazing wildlife and national parks. India hosts around 8 % of the world’s mammal population, almost 13% of birds, 12% of fisheries, plant and species. Indian national parks and reserves first established in 1935. In India there are around 88 National Parks, 15 Bio reserves and more than 350 wildlife sanctuaries. In addition, Indian nature and wildlife have Asian Elephant, the Bengal Tiger, the Asiatic Lion, Leopard, bird sanctuaries and beaches etc. All animals and positive environment are important for Indian wildlife and ecotourism. As a result of this, many national parks and reserves are very safe from hunting.

Moreover, there were many projects launches for protecting Indian nature and wildlife. Project Tiger was the famous one among all of them, which was establishes in India in 1972. The purpose of this project was to increase tiger population in their native environment. This project is considers most successful conservation efforts in modern history. There was another project for protecting Elephant conservation was established in 1992. However, there are still many projects, which are going on for betterment of Indian wildlife. Let get some information about popular national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.


Kaziranga Park (Indian nature and wildlife)

KAZIRANGA National Park was amazing in the state of Assam around a hundred years ago. It is popular as one of India’s twenty-nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This park is an important as bird sanctuary and tiger reserve. This national park hosts a large number of breeding populations of elephants and wild water buffalos. They also protect the beautiful flora and fauna. It is also the home of the lotus flower, which is the national flower of India. There are orchid and marigold plants as well. Many flowers are uses for medicinal purposes. Roses and jasmine are popular simply amazing because of their extraordinary beauty products. You may also find here popular trees which hold special cultural and religious significance. There are hundreds of protects trees as living, natural treasure. The Banyan is the official tree of India which is the main attraction here.