Yoga tour packages India

Yoga tour packages India, if you are looking for a best yoga experience in India then you came at the right place. Firstly, we have a deep understanding of yoga and meditation and we have the best places and knowledge to organize them. Secondly, our yoga tour packages India include all the aspect of a perfect experience. Thirdly, our yoga tour packages India are suitable for all kind of ages. Usually there is no age bar for yoga but it becomes very important when you have workload and stress. So according to us yoga is an Indian treasure to keep our body fit and healthy. However, on the other hand meditation is a tonic for your mental health; however both are connected to each other. Moreover, in India there are thousands of yoga and meditation center which have different and location. Some has good yoga teach and some have location.

So it becomes very difficult for a foreigner to find the best for them. Here our team plays a key role for it. In addition, our expert team find the best places for you and always available for any question asked. Being in India we are aware of all destinations and situation, so we organize a yoga and meditation tour in way which allows you enjoy every single moment. We have the best yoga and meditation teacher which guides you for your desired path. A yoga and meditation program can be easy going or tough, so it completely depends on you how you are ready for it. In short, for managing all kind of learners experience we have all kind of possibility available. In conclusion, let’s explore one of our yoga programs which will allow you to understand a way of practice yoga.


Tour Highlights of Yoga tour packages India

Laughter Yoga: Laughter Yoga was created to relief stress and pent up emotions. The aim of Laughter Yoga is to bring good health, joy and world peace. Guided nature walks: We organize guided walks which follow silence. Our programs allow students to practice breath and body awareness. This kind of practice will allow you to experience to be aware of the sounds, smells and feel of the surrounding nature.

Meditation: Our well organized yoga and Meditation tour represents a variety of techniques and styles. It helps students or learners to find one that suits their lifestyle. During the tour learners chant “Om” together until it dissolve. They also have a session of sitting quietly with the vibrations

Mauna (Silence): Silence yoga or meditation begins after the evening meditation. This process is maintained until after lunch the following day. For experience in best way all meals are taken in silence because this allows students to focus on their own inner journey.

Day 1- Arrival at Ashram

2: Ganges River walking

3: Waterfall walking

4: Ritual bathing in Mother Ganges River

5: Walking along with Him River

Day 6: Garden tour

 Hatha Yoga: The Hatha Yoga is primarily everyone does to prepare the body and mind for meditation. One just needs to focus on the breath. The benefit of asana practice is the function of each pose to heal the body in its own ways.

Ashtanga Yoga: This yoga asna is an active practice, which requires continuous movement flowing with the rhythm of the breath.

Cleansing:  In this process we do nasal cleansing with warm and salt water which helps to relieve allergies, colds, and sinusitis. It removes pollutant from our body and maintains good health of the ears, eyes and throat.

Rituals & Ceremonies, schedule

Pranayama (Breathing exercises): The practices of this yoga will energize your body and balance the flow life force energy. This process will allow our body to channelize our energy in a creative way, which allows healing and increase inner peace.

 Lecture and Discussion: This part of yoga and meditation is super interesting and allow you to ask any question to instructor about Indian yoga and meditation. You will get basics of Yoga philosophy, group discussions, yogic techniques and practices, questions and answers.

Grounding Dance: This amazing dance exercise usually will be performed after Laughter Yoga sessions. After doing it usually people will feel energized and happy. But sometimes we see that deep emotions or memories come out.

Mantra chanting: Mantra means a sound which has a deep connection with your soul, or a combination of sounds uttered in a specific way. However, there are different types of mantras in Indian culture. We Indian believe that every mantra activates a kind of energy in our body. Usually these mantras are in Sanskrit language.

Days 1 to 6: Temple pray (Pooja) each evening and devotional chanting

Day 4: There will be a ritual bathing in Mother Ganges. All the participants join a ritual on the banks of the Ganges. Moreover, learners can spend personal time meditating on the banks of Ganges.

Day 6: Bonfire Celebration, this is a creative time for sharing our diverse cultures. On this amazing day there will be song, dance and much laughter. There will be a joyous evening and a farewell.

Day 7: Fire Ceremony. On the last day there will be a HAVAN in term for a sacred purifying ritual in Hinduism. We make a ritual sacrifice to the fire god, Agni. We will offer seven kinds of wood into the sacred fire.