Newsletter, you don’t always have to push your products. In this newsletter example, men’s shaving and grooming products that company sends an instructional, educational email. Instead of trying to outright sell stuff, he provides a value-add. Just to better take care of their skin and get more from their shaving experience. However, it’s all done in a clean, simple newsletter format that gives white space the love it deserves. They use the company’s signature brand font, which is easy to read and digest while still being unique and reinforcing brand.

In addition, online branding and marketing solution companies uses a classic incentive strategy to get subscribers. You just got bribe from people to get that coveted feedback. This newsletter example is beautifully simple, using color contrast to point your eyes in all the right directions. In short, the green background is the perfect shade to allow for a red and white contrast for the main headline and sub headline. It is still using black as the main body copy. This clever use of color puts it in the top examples of newsletter headline.


Newsletter a key for business

This one is one of those rare exceptions to the rule about always staying consistent with your branding. Men’s clothing company takes a supremely unique and clever approach to standing out on the most popular ecommerce. Anyone with an email account can attest that Cyber Monday turns an inbox into a battlefield. This email is completely off-brand, using a tech theme that’s reminiscent of a hacker. In any event, it really hits home on the “cyber” concept while catching you off-guard.

Moreover, they also have a great use of characters to add personality while keeping it clean. In addition, it is one of the most natural response newsletter examples, since it uses a “mobile-first” design that looks good on the desktop but focused on mobile phones. This immediately draws eyes to the most important details.