Bianca, I am Indian tourism expert and I have always liked to travel since I was a child. I have waited months and months for the arrival of the scheduled date. Curiosity was king: but in no case were expectations disappointed. And even today the feeling is always the same: the overwhelming emotion of a journey. Everything fills the eyes, the ears, the lungs. Everything can be shared or not, but it certainly does not leave you indifferent.  Among other things, life also gave me the opportunity to work as a guide where I could get to know the tourism industry up close. During this period I have regularly travelled to major destinations in the Middle East and the Indian Ocean islands. Today the trip is a real investment, so we are willing to this “investment” to be profitable in terms of reliability and safety.

They are a perfect travel agency to organize any kind of trip to Italy or the world. The objective is precisely to propose the realization of a trip as close as possible to the needs of the traveler keeping in mind. The factors that make up the trip: the most suitable stations, the climatic situations, the health conditions, the standard of the services offered and the visit.


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Joining “Bella India Tours” was another step towards improving our professionalism: the group is a team of many of the specialized agencies. We manage our services with “professional staff”. The aim of the group is to provide reliable services at a competitive price. In fact, we have travel packages at preferential prices on fixed dates or for periods. The formula is mainly that of advance booking, but with several exceptions. We are also available for advice for honeymooners, family holidays.  Our team simply creates holiday packages for birthdays, birthdays or group trips, even for multinational companies. In recent years, we have organized perfect travel packages to the United States and the Hawaiian Islands. We also organize tours in Central Asia, Indian Ocean Islands and Oceania.