Angela, I am Italian and I work in the tourism sector for 10 years. Firstly, I am the perfect travel agent because, above all, I have a solid experience and knowledge of Italian tourism. Secondly, I am always ready to create your next trip to India perfectly. We will analyze in depth the professional figure of the travel advisor (see here Travel Consultant, professional of the future). Thirdly, In a way, it’s a “walking” travel agency. And the more your travel, the more expert you become. In short, we discover why by reading this fact sheet. However, the travel adviser can be considered a tourist agent who, instead of working in a traditional travel agency, works online and personally goes to the homes of potential buyers to offer tourism products and services.

Moreover, the Travel Adviser will carry out the following tasks and activities:

1 Identify potential buyers of travel services;

2 Send information material by e-mail;

3 Provide tourist advice to the customer, initially analyzing their needs and financial availability and then propose a range of options that meet the identified requirements;

4 Advising the customer on the choice of a travel solution;

5 Verification of the availability of the selected product;

6 Make the reservation and complete the transaction after payment by the customer.


Travel with Angela

In addition, there are some skills which a travel agent needs like, Necessary, competencies, good knowledge of English, excellent knowledge of IT and general good knowledge. However, technical and professional skills can help in-depth knowledge of tourism and its components: intermediation, accommodation, transport. The knowledge of the geographical, climatic, political and cultural characteristics are the key of a destinations.

Moreover there also need of good knowledge of tariff building techniques understand the management software applied to tourism and tourism intermediation. The knowledge of the legal and legal aspects of the acquisition and sale of tourism services, cross-cutting competencies may help to organize a tour better.

Such skills like properties of good language, preparation for listening, kindness, kindness and patience are must in tourism. Finally, we request you to please contact us for best Indian tour packages.